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Favourite to many within the procurement and supply chain management field, the IMPA London Exhibition requires little by way of explanation. In recent years, IMPA’s flagship event attracted visitors from 80 countries around the globe. Purchasing managers and procurement specialists from all over the world join together for two days every September to enjoy the event’s special atmosphere in the wonderful Westminster district of London.


At close to 150 exhibitors, IMPA London might not be the largest maritime exhibition in the world, but it is certainly the one that keeps everyone coming back every year. We are in the enviable position of attracting not only many of the world’s senior procurement directors and managers who have buying power for thousands of ships around the world, but also the industry’s leading brands who come to exhibit here every year to showcase innovation, original products and ingenious services.

Running for two days every year, IMPA London is complimented by a wide range of allied activities, including conferences, presentations and demonstrations, education programmes and social events. This is THE event for those that are looking to catch up with clients and contacts. It is the one time in the year where professionals can relax amongst peers and friends and share news and information in fantastic surroundings.

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Jump on board!

Jump on board and become an exhibitor!

If you've long coveted a stand at the industry’s premier maritime procurement and supply event, then get in touch with the event team: Email:exhibition@impa.net

Telephone:+44 (0) 1206 798900


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