Serving as a hub for groundbreaking ideas and rapid advancements in the industry, our event this year will feature an expanded lineup of thought-provoking presentations presented by market leaders. Their expertise spans progressive thinking, forward-looking innovation, and developments that are hoping to shape the maritime world.

Set across the two days at IMPA London this September, the Innovation Zone is set to showcase a diverse range of companies, from agile platform providers crafting transformative solutions, to market-leading companies forging new paths in their respective sectors. These are the trailblazers that stand at the forefront of their industry, leading the charge in innovation. So, buckle up and mark your calendars for our unforgettable showcase that will offer insights and predictions about the future of our rapidly evolving industry.

Join us at the IMPA London Innovation Zone and immerse yourself in a sea of fresh ideas, revolutionary trends, and cutting-edge technologies sculpting our future. Discover new inspirations and forge meaningful connections with experts, innovators, and trendsetters that you can expect to see and meet this September.

For those who wish to present their own leading ideas and solutions at the Innovation Zone this year, please note that slots are in high demand and are limited, so please get in touch with us today with your presentation ideas and we will consider you for a slot!

Presentation slots will be 20 minutes each with a screen to connect your device to for a presentation and table for physical products if needed.