Join us this April when Mikael Weis (CEO, Source2Sea) will be presenting:

Turning a strong transactional data asset into value

Mikael's view on next generation data foundation, and how the industry can improve and leverage this.

To find out more about Mikael, you can read his short Bio below:

Mikael Weis comes with a rare background from the maritime industry and technology sector. His career started at sea, firstly with the Royal Danish Navy and later in the merchant marine, where he, with a Master Mariners’ education, served at sea on tankers, ro/ro and passenger ships. Furthermore, he holds a Master of Laws, LL.M., from the University of Copenhagen. For more than 20 years, he has worked within digital, both in operational and managerial capacities. He has always had a passion for the client side – building relationships, seeking input, and finding ways to mitigate operational gaps with the digital dimension. Mikael has a deep insight into the drivers which form the digital direction in the industry, the potential obstacles, and how to leverage today and tomorrow’s technology solutions.

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