Join us this April 21st when Paolo will present: Sustainable Procurement – How to Stop Buying Plastic!

Paolo Magonio is the Group Procurement Manager with Scorpio Group. With over 30 years of experience in Maritime Procurement Management, Paolo has a well-earned reputation for delivering powerful results and implementing innovative processes that allow organisations to reach their environmental and sustainability goals.

Paolo’s maritime career began in the mid-1990s, working for ship chandlers and tankers in Italy followed by a cruise line in the USA. Upon returning to Europe and settling in Monaco, Paolo undertook the role of Procurement Manager with Martinoli Shipmanagement, a leader in the cruise line industry. Before joining Scorpio, Paolo spent almost a decade working as Director of Technical Procurement Leisure and Group procurement Director at the V.Group. Paolo now has overall responsibility for Scorpio Group’s procurement and contractual activities.

Read a breif interview with Paolo below, where you can find a little more information about what to expect from his upcoming presentation in Germany:

Can you give us a summary of what you will be speaking about at the IMPA Hamburg conference? What makes this important to the

The mission of IMPA SAVE is to support the call to action for UN Sustainability Goals and bring knowledge of the available sustainability solutions to the maritime industry. By leveraging our network and through coordinated action, the IMPA SAVE council sets goals to support the UN 2030 agenda of carbon reduction and environmental protection.

Scorpio supports this initiative, and I will be sharing our journey on how we reduce plastics on board our vessels and our environmental impact in general. I will be speaking about our supply chain vetting process, our experience in waste mitigation, and our efforts to eliminate over a million disposable water bottles from our operations annually. I will share our methodology, including process and substitution analysis after collaboration with seafarers aboard our 200+ vessels. While the end goal of waste reduction is truly admirable, it has been the understanding and cooperation of our diverse crew that has driven the process. All maritime initiatives, big or small, are only successful with full buy-in from our sea and shore staff.

Why have you made sustainability a big part of your job? How can others follow?

As a large shipowner, we have quite a substantial supply chain and have sufficient scale to drive worthwhile change in our industry. Scorpio has responded to calls from various stakeholders for a more thorough examination of our suppliers and my role has evolved over time to meet this need. I consider myself fortunate to work for a company that values the ideals of sustainability and provides the opportunity to implement environmentally friendly solutions, challenge the actors in the supply chain, and be the catalyst for change.

Clearly, I am not alone in the maritime industry in my care and concern for the environment and I encourage others to press for incremental improvements within the bounds of their organisations and their respective roles.

What motivates you, and what makes you passionate about sustainability?

It may be rather obvious, but the supply chain is complex and touches environmental, social, and governance issues. My motivation comes from a firm belief that I can play a part in aligning our industry best practices to the pillars of the UN Environmental Sustainability Goals. Positive results only further fuel my ambition to provide pragmatic solutions to both Scorpio and the industry at-large. Whenever possible, I will use my platform to champion sustainable processes and initiatives that paint our industry in a favourable light.