Part supplier briefings and insightful presentations, part live demonstrations into the inner workings of new, innovative digital solutions, IMPA’s brand-new Di-Zne invites attendees to drop in and out of sessions throughout the two event days and embark on thrilling journeys of learning and uncovering remarkable cost-saving opportunities.

The supplier briefings will feature pre-selected supplier presentations, particularly suitable for junior to mid-level purchasing executives who are still learning about certain aspects of the industry and its inner workings. From ongoing trends to challenges for procurement and supply chain in a turbulent and ever-changing business environment, these sessions will have something for everyone.

Powered by leading procurement platform Closelink, the Di-Zne will also be a cutting-edge space for showcasing live demonstrations, real-time case studies, and in-depth insights into the inner workings of innovative digital solutions.

Companies such as Closelink, Fly Wallet, Ship Money, Blu Maritime, BHG Global, Eye Share, Marine Stores Guide, NautilusLog and Ship Safe Suite have already signed up to present.

Day One Di-Zne: 10:30 – 19:00 | Day Two Exhibition: 10:30 – 14:00