We are pleased to welcome all IMPA London 2023 attendees to our FREE interactive presentation and learning sessions at the Di-Zne, hosted on the Exhibition floor at the event.



Turn stocktaking into smooth sailing. It has never been easier to manage your inventory and manning on board, reducing your workload by 50%!

We’re introducing stocktaking on Gateway – the faster and smarter way of managing provisions, bonded and non-food orders on board. Built on the latest technology, you are ensured that everything from ordering to receiving is as easy, efficient and intuitive as possible.

Gateway is digital convenience, transparency and insights in one place – making life at sea a whole lot easier. Learn more about Gateway here.

About the speaker

Mogens Thyssen, Sales Director at Garrets International. With many years of experience across various industries such as Logistics, Shipping and the Energy Sector, Mogens has in the past 8 years been a driving force in Garrets as responsible for the commercial activities, ensuring, together with the wider Garrets team, to develop Garrets’ services further. Mogens is dedicated to establishing close partnerships between Garrets and office/vessels/crew through Convenience, Transparency and Insights – the key pillars for Garrets’ relations with our partners.


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