Wenaas Workwear has established itself as a pioneer in the development and production of workwear that meets high standards for safety, comfort, and functionality. With roots in Norway and a legacy spanning over 90 years, the company has grown from being a local supplier to a significant international presence, particularly in sectors requiring specialized protective gear, including the maritime industry.

Known for its innovation and adaptability, Wenaas has expanded both its product range and geographical reach. The company has achieved this by establishing branches in strategic locations around the world, including Norway, Singapore, Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK, to provide direct access to its extensive assortment and expertise. With tailored ordering and logistics solutions, you can get what you need quickly, no matter where you are. The system ensures that the entire ordering process is simple and efficient, with numerous opportunities for optimization for each customer.

Wenaas continues its commitment in the international maritime sector by implementing technological innovations to meet specific challenges, while continually influencing global safety standards.

Adapting to Climate: Safety and Comfort in All Temperatures

Managing Heat with Innovation

In tropical and warm climates, where overheating can pose a significant risk, Wenaas has developed advanced boiler suits designed with both functionality and comfort in mind. These suits utilize lightweight, breathable materials that help regulate body temperature and reduce heat stress. Innovations such as integrated ventilation systems and adjustable zippers for additional air circulation allow users to customize their comfort level under varying work conditions, ensuring they remain focused and effective even in the most challenging environments.

Protection Against Cold Through Layering

Wenaas' approach to cold protection is equally thoughtful, focusing on layering for optimal warmth and flexibility. This three-layer system is crucial for managing the cold and often damp conditions found in maritime environments, while maintaining the wearer's comfort and performance:

1. Moisture-wicking underwear: This foundational layer is critical for keeping the skin dry by pulling sweat away from the body, which is vital in cold conditions where moisture on the skin can quickly lead to cooling. The underwear, often made of specially woven polyester or merino wool, provides warmth even when wet, dries quickly, and is durable and comfortable.

2. Insulating mid-layer: Positioned directly over the underwear, this layer helps retain body heat by effectively trapping warm air close to the body. Composed of either wool or synthetic fibers, which both maintain warmth even when damp, the mid-layer plays a central role in moisture management by transporting sweat further to the outer layer, critical for keeping the wearer dry and warm.

3. Protective outer garments: The outermost layer shields against external elements such as wind, rain, and snow. These garments are both windproof and water-resistant, yet breathable enough to allow moisture to escape. Key features also include sufficient ventilation to prevent the buildup of excess heat, as well as durability and flexibility to ensure freedom of movement.

This layering system allows workers to adjust insulation based on weather conditions and work intensity, enabling them to tailor protection without sacrificing comfort or functionality.

Commitment to Sustainability and Safety

Wenaas' commitment to safety extends beyond the individual worker to include a broader environmental responsibility. Through sustainable practices in production, the company strives to minimize its environmental impact and ensure that the workwear not only protects users but also the world they operate in. This philosophy underpins our approach to innovation and corporate social responsibility, and is reflected in our products and corporate culture.

Staying the Course

Wenaas' offerings of safety, comfort, and sustainability do more than just equip workers with necessary apparel; they provide the reassurance needed to perform their jobs with confidence. By continuously striving to improve and innovate, Wenaas sets the standard for workwear in the maritime industry and beyond, living up to its promise that no matter the challenge, "You got this."